Attitude (in Hong Kong)

Jiang Zhi : Attitude   
表态 - 蒋志的一个展览
osage kwun tong : 04.12.2009-17.01.2010

Curated by Bao Dong

Following its debut in Osage Shanghai in September this year, Jiang Zhi: Attitude at Osage Kwun Tong features an expansion of the first presentation, with new works added to the exhibition. The exhibition will then travel to Beijing in 2010.

Taking the concept of ‘attitude’ as a point of departure, Jiang Zhi explores how ‘attitude’ is not simply a conscious behaviour, nor merely an expression of a point of view, but a form of social rhetoric where every form of ‘attitude’ is a node in the complex web of meaning-making. This exhibition is an investigation into, and a rewriting of, the phenomenon behind rhetorical expressions. Jiang extracts fragments of the social rhetorical as found in real life situations and reconstructs them, and in the process, breaks the chain of meanings. Stripped of its language-signifier, ‘attitude’ reveals its own significance, bringing forth the criticality that lies at the heart of the deconstruction.

Attitude in Hong Kong is an expansion of the first presentation, not only because it has included more works, but more importantly, how these works extends from the issues examined, allowing for new layers of meanings to emerge.



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