Dimension:120cm X 160 cm



  Once upon a time, when I was at the The 2nd Guangzhou Triennial of Art, I noticed two ladies standing in front of one of the photographic works, discussing the gender of the figure in the photo. Male or Female? That was really a problem. Quite an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it? We have always been used to being content with superficial understanding of life. However, now we feel obligated to stop and try to figure out this 23rd pair of chromosome. X? It seems quite common to us but at this moment, it gives out a mysterious smell. It is quite ambiguous but at the same time rather incisive, so that we can’t help being thrown into the inexplicable embarrassment by this photograph when standing in front of it. In this way, Mr. Jiang Zhi lensed this full-of-metaphor picture which said “Dead end”, when most people have got used to covering the concept of sex by means of anatomical theories, depending on secondary sex characteristics…..(Read)