Attitude (in Beijing)


An Exhibition by Jiang Zhi
Curator: Bao Dong
Organizer: Platform China
Venue: Space A, Platform China
Time: 2010.9.5 – 2010.10.17
Opening: 3:00pm, 2010.9.5


Attitude: Again

Jiang Zhi’s solo show “Attitude” hosted now at Platform China marks the third stage of a traveling project showed shown for the first time at Osage Gallery in Shanghai, September 2009 and thereafter in Hong Kong, December 2009.

Just to make it more precise, “attitude” here doesn’t stand for the verb meaning “declaring one’s position”, nor it refers to the fact that Jiang Zhi or his show aim aims at expressing an “attitude”,; in fact by positioning “attitude” in a social text it actually invites to speculate, it invites to transfer the understanding of all events and phenomena into discursive practices within a social discoursethe text. Only Iin this way we are in fact able to re-read and re-write this social text. “Re-”, “again”, “once more” are namelyare ways to define the things that the artist wants and is going to dowhat art is and where it belongs.

Here, society is conceived as a linguistic system and the social activities (including politics) are comprehended as a languagespeeches. The one of the body, the one of the emotions expressions and that of the human actions all are all languages speeches and they contribute to build construct and make effective the individual and gendered ones to arrive to include all different kinds of ideologiesthe discursive practices of identity, gender, as well as of different ideologies. The artist art thus is conceived as the conscious – or maybe the reflection reflective – of the implementation of the languagediscursive practice. The aim is to turn the fixed relations between idiom parole and language langue into something flexible and dubious. This is the significance of “re-”; the artist art has to become something prefixed, that has been already determined function as a prefix and till then he the presuppositional nature of reality can be launched indeedwill reveal itself. 

For this reason, Jiang Zhi uses the body, emotions expressions and actions to invite allow people the viewer to see the threads behind their backs the hidden operations behind them or, in other words, to let us see how we used to perceive them constantly looking at ourselves, that is just like looking at them, and in this way maybe we can could probably re-look at them. What really counts is not what Jiang Zhi’s attitude is,. which Towards these faces, arms, bodies and voices he is confronting with, but what our position should be, and what reason has this “should”, what is the right attitude we should have and what are the reasons for taking up that attitude?

We could re-consider Jiang Zhi’s past earlier works and when he uses them actually manages to look at them as ready-mades objects – when he re-uses themagain, the method itself becomes the objectsubject. The faces, arms, bodies and voices used to be in the show make appear all in once this pattern, and now this pattern is coming out again installed that way and today make their second apearance this way…

Jiang Zhi’s ‘Attitude’ is like an observation of ‘words’ and ‘objects’, more precisely, an observation of ‘power’ and ‘becoming insane’. ‘Coyness’, ‘trembling’ and ‘tears’ are ‘between words and objects’, were given the elements of an ‘event’, and became ‘individualised’ and ‘plural’.
(- excerpts of ‘Power’ and ‘Becoming Insane’ and ‘Attitude’ by Véronic-Ting CHEN

Jiang Zhi’s ‘Attitude 2’ is humorous that against sarcasm. Each work is a ‘body’ of extension and ‘characters’ which could be captured and observed. These works of Jiang Zhi release vague signals consistently and slowly.
(-excerpts of After Perceiving of Works, Before Happening of Events – Attitude 2 by Véronic-Ting CHEN)

We are living in such a system, in which we could be stimulated to be excited beyond our control. Artificial Parkinsonism is spontaneous and unnatural but considered as natural.
(-excerpts of Artificial Parkinsonism Discussing  by Véronic-Ting CHEN)

Jiang Zhi’s Maiden, All Too Maiden! series undoubtedly put forward a very important study – to set up the shaming for evil ethnics, which is how to investigate Shyness – a phenomenology knowledge of body feeling.
(-excerpts of StepTowards a Desire/ Knowledge Criticism of Mankind Political Economy by Wei Puhua)

In Curtain Call, Jiang Zhi presents an occupant of a stage who is unwilling to quit the performing mechanisms on a stage.
(-excerpts of StepTowards a Desire/ Knowledge Criticism of Mankind Political Economy by Wei Puhua)


策展人:   鲍栋

主办方:  站台中国当代艺术机构
开幕式:  2010年9月5日 下午3时








-摘录Véronic-Ting CHEN / 维洛尼卡《“权力”和“成为疯狂”和“表态”》

-摘录Véronic-Ting CHEN / 维洛尼卡《在感知作品之后,在事件发生之前-表态2》

-摘录Véronic-Ting CHEN / 维洛尼卡《人造帕金森》谈《颤抖》


-摘录  朱朱《被凌迟的结尾》

-摘录 杜庆春/《不谢幕的思考和颤抖的答案》


Véronic-Ting CHEN / 维洛尼卡《“权力”和“成为疯狂”和“表态”》

Véronic-Ting CHEN / 维洛尼卡《在感知作品之后,在事件发生之前-表态2》

Véronic-Ting CHEN / 维洛尼卡《人造帕金森》







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