A Thought Arises

以观念摄影和录像作品闻名的蒋志此次带来了色彩明丽的大型系列油画新作。作品看似呈现出对上世纪6070年代美国锋刃派(hard edge)抽象绘画的映射,但是,艺术家完全否认它们是抽象绘画。图像最初是用鼠标在一台有故障的电脑上制成,通过在显示器上移动对话框,交错叠加的图案与优美的构图逐渐显现。艺术家表示“这是一个被瞬间激发而现的世界,也是一个随时都可被更改和另建的世界。更脆弱,更偶然,更无常,更短暂。”这些在有显示故障的电脑上用几个简单的手部动作渲染出的具有瞬时性的图像,再被艺术家一笔一笔精细地描绘在超大尺幅的画布上。颇具冲击力的图像不仅是对数字时代下非写实绘画的一种带有讽刺意味的回应,也对电脑作为具体信息来源的地位提出质疑。与绘画同时展出的还有一个录像和一件摄影作品(6幅),这些作品穿插在一系列大型油画中,帮助大家更好地理解蒋志艺术创作中观念和心理层面的核心要义:录像作品《片刻之光》中,镜头记录了一束阳光偶然通过一张不经意留在某处的玻璃纸在时间流逝的过程中的反射轨迹;而摄影作品则用1-3根缝衣针设置出多种组合存在。与展出的绘画作品一样,录像和摄影作品都暗示着事物序列的脆弱、易变且转瞬即逝。全观展览“一念”中的这些作品,似乎让人们更真切地感受到我们日常现实背后转瞬即逝却令人印象深刻的能量。


Known for his highly conceptual photography and video works, Jiang Zhi presents a new series of vibrant, large-scale, oil paintings. These works, which seem hark back to American hard edge abstract painting of the 1960’s and 70’s, were originally composed with a computer mouse on a malfunctioning PC. By moving the dialogue box across the broken-down computer monitor beautiful compositions and intertwining patterns emerged in its path. However, Jiang Zhi does not consider these images are abstract paintings. The artist states that “This is a world that appears by sudden inspiration; a world that can be changed and renewed at anytime. It is vulnerable, accidental, and transitory.” These instantaneous images, which were rendered with simple hand gestures on a distressed computer terminal, have then been meticulously painted onto extra large canvases. The stunning results are not only an ironic response to the legacy of nonrepresentational painting in the digital age but also an inquiry into the computer as a source of concrete information. Shown in tandem with the paintings are a video work and a small selection of photographs (6 pieces). These works display with the paintings and help to reveal the true psychological and conceptual tenor that is central to Jiang’s work. Like the canvases, Light of Transience, a video which depicts the trajectory of natural light through a reflection of cellophane over the course of an afternoon and the photographs of 1 to 3 needles ordered in various compositions, help to indicate the order of things as a fragile, malleable and fleeting condition. Seen together the works in A Thought Arises reveal the impressionistic and transient energy that lies behind our experience of reality.



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